COVID-19 Vaccine Update 20 Jan 22

Vaccine UPDATE  

The Madison Medical Practice Hornsby has been rolling out the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca and have administered many thousands of vaccine since July last year. On behalf of the Medical Medical Practice we would like to thank you all for your patience as we work through this vaccine rollout during unprecedented times.

As of 1st November 21 patients aged 18 and over and have had their 2nd dose 4 months prior can now have a Booster shot of Pfizer. Those patients with a compromised immune system or with pre-existing medical conditions are encouraged to have this Booster shot for longer lasting protection.  For more information please speak to your GP and we can book in your booster on or vaccine days.

The Madison Medical Practices has NOW received the 5-11yrs Pfizer Vaccines. To assist our telephone triage, we encourage all parents to book this in via our online booking platform from the 18th of January all parents are encouraged to do this via our website or via Health-engine. 

Go To “Book online appointments”, select “Specialty” from the drop down menu, select “COVID Vaccinations”, choose the “Pfizer based on age groups” to see appointments available.

The Madison Practice group have varying sessions for 5-11 yrs, and are trying to administer as many vaccines prior 28th January 2022 when school starts. If the day and time are not suitable at Hornsby please check our other sites for more days and times. 

Please note that only 1st doses can be booked online, 2nd doses that will occur 8 weeks later will be booked at the time of the first dose appointment. 

Those patients who have had their COVID-19 Vaccine at other facilities or government hubs, can have their booster at all Madison Medical Practices, and information as to when you had your Pfizer or AZ shot is welcomed, alternatively we will be checking via AIR to ensure suitability and safety guidelines.


We have our ONLINE BOOKINGS for ALL Vaccines including Booster shots for our ALL PATIENTS new or existing, we encourage our patients to book via our website or via Health-engine. 


If you are not sure of your eligibility status as to your booster shot, please go to the Covid19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker and conduct the survey @


It is important that for the 1st dose that you arrive 15 mins prior to your scheduled time to go through a pre survey questionnaire, and if you have any flu like symptoms, please call the reception team to reschedule your appointment for another day.


Flu Vaccine can be administered on the day after the COVID19 Vaccine, please speak to your GP for more information.